Thursday, December 23, 2010

12:30 pm

Post-Edit title: Christmas Adam
(the original title of this post was Christmas Eve, Eve.
My nephew informed me that today
is actually Christmas Adam--- since Adam came before Eve)

The girls made lunch for everyone.

The husband and little son shredded papers
so that the husband can make paper bricks,
his newest green venture.

And I vacuumed.
So we can open presents on a clean rug.

Once the vacuuming was complete,
the girls powered up the Roku.
They were excited to finish watching She-Ra.

When the husband heard the She-Ra music,
he paused the paper shredder and joined them "for lunch."
(But we all know he really just wanted to find out what happened with She-Ra)

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!!!


Ruth P said...

Oh my goodness! My girls (and I) are totally hooked on She-ra right now too! Should I be concerned that Brett loves to play the part of Glimmer? :) So fun!

uniquelynat said...

my kids have LOVED he-man. they have not found she-ra yet. i guess i am not pushing them to either. :) can't wait for tomorrow!!!!

Holly said...

I like your rug. I sometimes visit it at

It's a problem because in theory, I want to phase brown out of my decor, and in my living room is a nice fluffy brown shag rug.

But then I look online for a new rug and all the rugs I like have brown in them.

Yours is one of them.

I don't know what to do.

Nathan said...

Did I already tell you that I feel old at work now? I'm surrounded by college students, and I asked them about He-Man and She-Ra one day.

Only a couple had vaguely heard about He-Man, and I completely struck out on She-Ra.

What is the world coming to?