Monday, January 3, 2011

Pioneers and New Years

Kinda feeling a little pouty and sad for the pioneers today. They didn't have Pandora to listen to when they were washing their petticoats and stuff. I totally don't have petticoats, but I have Pandora. And because of it, I can listen to all the a Capella my little heart can handle while I wash my dishes. I heart a Capella music. A whole lot. Or, when I'm feeling extra rockerish, I could listen to something really hard core. While I scrub my toilets or whatever.

How lucky are we to live in the 2011s?

Speaking of 2011, I have a good feeling about it. I think this year is going to rock. I even have a theme for the year. Or a motto. Or whatever you wanna call it. It's good. Ready for it?

Love Deeper
Work Harder
Smile Longer
Share More

It's a good one for me. It encompasses many of the things that I have been focusing on lately. Plus, I so need to improve myself. Lots.

I prolly should have it cut out on vinyl. And stick it on my wall in true Mormon fashion. Because, I'm Mormon (did ya know?) and that's what we do. Wouldn't it look good? I know.

I think the pioneers had mottos. They would have to. How else would they keep their chins up with all those petticoats and bloomers they had to wash? By hand. With no Pandora.

Do you have a motto slash theme for 2011?


Michelle said...

I think I'll borrow yours! All except work harder. Who needs that?? :)

Randibee said...

My motto is going to be "Don't sweat the small (or large) stuff". Hopefully...