Sunday, February 20, 2011

All in a Sunday Afternoon

the husband and i were enjoying a quiet moment snuggled on our bed today, discussing life and all that comes with it. i was listening as he was trusting me with some of the deep feelings in his beautiful heart. i couldn't help but look at him in wonder as i listened to his intense emotions, something i love about him: he feels deeply and wholly. and once again, i was drawn into his soul- a place that feels like home. comfortable. familiar.

as we talked, soul to soul, we were intermittently interrupted by little people whom we kept shooing out of our room. for some reason, the little people just didn't get that we wanted to be left alone for just 5 minutes.

as soon as they were sent away, they would return moments later to report on the current catastrophe caused by brother or sister. there might have been some scratching involved between siblings. the kind that leaves marks. and maybe some pushing. and then there was the crashing of the ds on the tile. and our moment was interrupted again. time-outs were handed out, toys confiscated, and mom and dad returned to the sanctuary of their bedroom to conclude the deep heart to heart.

as we continued our discussion, feeling confident that the time-outs would be an effective means of confining children to their rooms, one little son snuck quietly into our bedroom. he had obviously been discussing the events of the last few minutes with his older sister, when he innocently questioned:

"so... what you're saying is that one of us has to run away?"

the first thought that came to my mind?

"yeah, i'm thinking mom or dad."

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