Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here's the Plan

We're getting 16 chickens soon. And a couple roosters. I don't really want the roosters. If you must know. My apologies to the rooster lovers among us.

The husband has been drafting chicken coop plans. He's been researching and studying out his options. He has made a few visits to people's coops to see their set-ups. He's taking the good and considering it and discarding the bad. I'm thinking that he has been pondering on the perfect coop just about half of every hour for the last month. At least. And he is coming up with some great stuff. He tells me about his latest ideas every 15 minutes or so. And I nod. And smile and say, "Uh-huh." But, really, I can't picture it. At all. But, that's not to say that I don't care. Because I totally care.

And in not too long, we will have a chicken habitat on the north corner of our property. They probably won't even appreciate all the forethought that has gone into creating the perfect chicken dwelling. And he's making sure that he is reinforcing it so he can protect the chickens from the coyotes. So that means he is putting a chicken wire roof on it so the chickens can't get out. But that also means that he's making it like 7 feet tall so that he can stand up straight when he goes in to collect eggs.

Not only has the husband researched coops, but he has also researched chicken rearing and stuff. Chicken rearing, because we have to make sure the chickens live. I think it would be tragic if he did all this studying about housing chickens and then we got the chickens and they died because we (I say "we" at this point because I want to be supportive and sound like I am helping out at least a little, but obviously I'm not, but when we get them, I'll totally help. And also "we" because I would be just as responsible if they die, which they won't, because I have the husband and he has made all the plans.) didn't research all the angles on chickens. He thinks of everything. Kind of city-farmer-like of him.

We have lived in our "new place" for a year now. And in that year, I have loved seeing the dreamer in the husband. He's in his element, for sure. I have watched him draw up landscaping plans, office plans, desk plans, shed plans, workshop plans, animal/pasture plans, basketball court plans, orchard plans, gopher extermination plans. I love that he is a planner. And slowly those plans are beginning to come to fruition.

We love our house. We love the space we have. And we love the plans we have for the future at this house. And we plan on celebrating our first year here in grand fashion at the end of the month. But that's a post for another day.

I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty confident the husband already has plans for collecting the eggs the chickens produce. I'm thinking he probably has a special egg-collecting-basket plan all drawn up. And perhaps a few different plan options for egg cartons, most likely he has gone green with those. And maybe plans for some overalls and boots or something like that. I've never seen the husband in overalls and boots, but I'm thinking he'd be pretty hot in those things.

My plans are to watch my little farmer as he takes care of those chickens. I think he's gonna be a great chicken daddy.


Anonymous said...

I will be happy to see how your landscape unfolds. And a little jealous because I would absolutely love an acre of my own, complete with chickens. Good luck.

uniquelynat said...

well it sounds like you've got it all planned out! but how soon till the chickens come? and will the coop be ready by then?

Ruth P said...

The difference between a dream and a goal is a PLAN! hehe! It is so fun to dream and make plans for the future. Scott and I were just talking last night about our goals for the next 5 years. I can't wait to see the coop when you (I say "you" not because you, yourself, are constructing the coop, but because you are fully supporting your hubby:) are done!

Alan said...

has he looked at Brian's Chicken Condo yet? Brian is an engineer so...

Im jealous of your chickens, hopefully we can destroy our HOA soon and get some of our own.

Kellie said...

Chickens are awesome. I went to Ricks (well before the Y of I days) and worked with chickens for psychology experiments. We were nice to them, don't worry. We put them in boxes and taught them to peck red and white dots and turn in circles for food. It was pretty cool. I actually got to show Elder Bednar one of my chickens and what she could do.

Sandi and Curtis said...

At least you will have fresh meat when the food system crashes! Plus eggs for cooking! However, chickens really stink. Also, the heat of our AZ sun - they will need shade or they will be Fried Chicken!!