Monday, February 28, 2011

I don't believe we could have hired a fairy tale writer to author a more perfect weekend than the one we just had. We spent the whole weekend with family and friends.

Friday evening the husband and I spent an hour versing (as little son says) oldest daughter's soccer team. Parents vs. Kids. So fun!! The husband is a soccer player- which thing I never knew- but I should have known, because he is a master at whatever he does. He tore it up on the field. And scored twice. I scored once. Woot. It really was awesome to be out on the soccer field playing against oldest daughter and the team we have been cheering for all season.

And I didn't die. All my work outs have paid off. I was able to keep pace with the kids up and down the soccer field. I must admit, it made me smile. Plus, the husband said I rocked my yoga pants. Again, woot.

Saturday morning was the last of the children's soccer games for the season. Once again, huge WOOT! We have had a great season, but I am so ready for it to be done. We have had soccer EVERY night of the week since Christmas break. And games every Saturday.

The games were awesome. The children are little athletes in shin guards. Love those kids!!

After the games, we rushed home for the crowning event of the weekend. An event that has been in the planning for a year. And Saturday was the day.

Saturday evening we hosted Fissure Fest. At our house. And although a bit chilly, it was perfection. The children had prayed all week that the weather would be good for our celebration and that Daddy would feel well (he had been sick the better part of the week). And those prayers were answered.

You prolly are wondering what is this Fissure Fest of which I speak. And, you shall find out.



uniquelynat said...

k- got pic on the way. my computer was going all wonky when i sat down to do it yesterday. but i got it straightened out and we are ready to roll!

fun weekend! way to rock those yoga pants!!!

Novelty Pens said...

A little off topic...but I like the picture of the turkey!