Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Our house is full of anxious electricity in anticipation of our mucho grande party this coming weekend. Plans are pretty much zipped up. Now for the execution of those plans.

There will be a full report on that later. But for now, let me share something a little personal. In preparation for our celebration, I went on a few errands today. And I was rocking a new pair of pants- ones that are 6 sizes smaller than what I was wearing a couple months ago. Six sizes. But, that's not the personal part. Hang on, it gets better.

I was feeling pretty good on the endurance front as I zipped around town- a few towns, actually- getting what we needed for our grand occasion. I totally made great time, too. And I was focused, just getting what I needed (like glow bracelets and patio chairs and signage and stuff) with no extra perusing of the stores, which takes loads of self-control. And although I needed to use the restroom, I held it and continued- because, ick, public restrooms.

This is where it gets personal (and better). As soon as I returned home my first stop was the bathroom. I admit I was worried if I would make it or not. Well, guess what? I must have been thinking ahead this morning, because my zipper was already down- I hadn't ever zipped it up 6 hours before, prolly anticipating that I would need to skip a step once I returned from my errands. I love how I help myself out like that.

So, I was all over towns and in and out of stores with my fly down. All morning. And no one said a word. I'm hoping my shirt was covering it most of the time. I can't even remember the last time I forgot to zip my pants. Maybe when I was, I don't know, like eleven.

Anyway, can't wait for the party. Good thing our plans are pretty much zipped up. Wish I could say the same for my {smaller} pants.


Noelle said...

6 sizes??? When I am done growing this baby can you tell me your secrets?

Jessica said...

6 sizes--you're awesome!! yes, please share your secrets!

uniquelynat said...

hooray for 6 sizes!!!! can't wait for the fest this weekend!

Randibee said...

Wow! 6 sizes! No wonder you didn't zip your pants! Congrats--I want to be just like you!

Sarah said...

Hysterical! You never fail to make me smile. This was a perfect "wedgie" moment.
Serious though - 6 sizes? Props to you! :)