Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little More Fissure Fest History (from my perspective)

So, here's the thing: the week we were to close on our house we learned that the area to which we were about to relocate was prone to fissures. I'm talking ground-opening-up-and-swallowing / killing-a-whole-horse type of fissure. It kinda made me nervous. Just a little bit.

All I knew was that we had a good feeling about the house. I called my dad. And I cried to him about the situation. I told him of my worries of my house sinking into the earth someday. And I called my insurance agent. He told me that there was no fissure insurance- nothing to cover us in case of a fissure catastrophe. I called my sisters.

I called the gentleman in charge of fissures at the Arizona State Geological Survey. I asked him every possible question I could think of. He told me everything he could to help me figure out where the fissures currently were in relation to our home. He emailed me images of the latest fissure mapping in the area. I called him back and asked him more questions. He answered them. He sent additional maps. And answered more questions. He was very kind. And patient. And prolly went home with a great story to tell his wife of "this overly-worried lady who called about the fissures and a house she is about to close on." I can only imagine.

I called my dad again. And cried some more. And then I dropped everything and left the husband in charge of his job and the children and went to the temple to find some peace.

I prayed through the whole temple session, searching for the confirmation of our decision to move and some peace to accompany that decision. And nothing came.

As I dressed in the dressing room before leaving the temple, I felt a little confused as to how to proceed. And I walked outside to travel back home. As soon as I exited this sacred building I was met with the greatest assurance of my Heavenly Father's love for me and the knowledge that he was aware of my worries. My eyes were met with the most glorious sunset of purple and coral and pink and gold I had ever witnessed. It hugged the sky from north to south and east to west. It was a gift that spoke directly to me, telling me that He knew that I had concerns, but that I needed to trust and move forward. And it hugged me.

You must know that I love sunsets. I make it a point to stop and seek out the sunset everyday. Every. day. And on this particular day, a sunset was provided for me just to communicate peace. Because I'm pretty sure that Heavenly Father knows that I love sunsets that much. And He speaks my language.

I returned home knowing that we must proceed with the purchase of the home. For whatever reason, we needed to move our family to this particular place.

After this great dilemma, my family had a pretty good time mocking / joking with me about my fissure worries. And it was ok, because I vowed to them that every year we survived the great fissure, we would have a celebration like no other.

And now, in our little family, February is Fissure Fest month at our house. And we have just experienced our first Fissure Fest, which- as we have said before- was a smashing success. We even had a raffle.

And we look forward to many fissure-free years on our little piece of heaven, where we continue to have an excellent view of the sunsets.


Ruth P said...

I am so glad that you and your fam moved out to our neck of the woods! We loved Fissure Fest and can't wait till next year! I, too, have a great love for our AZ sunsets. My bedroom window has the most beautiful view.

Claire said...

Thanks for sharing. Your experience warmed my heart.