Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He Has My Heart

The husband just started new responsibilities at church. They include lots of time away from the family. My saddest part is that I won't get to sit by him during our Sunday meetings. I have loved being able to have him by my side on Sundays for the past year. But, I know with these responsibilities come blessings. And he'll be a great helper for our new bishop.

Also, he was made partner in his company last month. I feel a little proud about that. He is so good at his job. He has a real talent for it. And he contributes to his company in ways they acknowledge and appreciate. Like, they say they could never find someone who does what he does for them. So, they have made him partner. Nice trade, no? Plus also, I'm a little excited about the compensation.

On Sunday I wrote a little love note to the husband. It expressed my admiration and appreciation for him. And also a little mushy stuff. And I told him that I love the way he holds my heart and protects it. I found this beautiful red heart, which I gave to him. I told him that since he will be away from us a lot, he can carry my heart in his pocket and hold it and it will feel as though we are right there, together. And then some more mushy stuff. What can I say? I love the guy.

And he put that red heart in his suit pocket. He said he intends to keep it there. Forever. I love that he is a good sport and humors my little gestures.

And I love the way he has my heart.


Shannon said...

Always a new adventure waiting around the corner! Congrats and good luck at the same time. If your heart's in the right place, you can handle anything. Sounds like yours is right where it should be!

Ruth P said...

Awww! I love that. I love hearing the sweet things you both do for each other.

Nathan said...

Tell him congratulations for me on the promotion. That is awesome!

Dillon Hoyt said...

I feel your pain. Sitting on the stand is not all that fun either. My job is to keep the bishop awake and make sure the microphone is at the right height for the speakers, which can be a challenge on fast Sundays. He will do a great job, and he will even start to enjoy it once he decides it can be fun.

Sandi and Curtis said...

Congrats! I heard he was put "back" into a bishopric. He is a very wonderful guy, and I am NOT married to him! ha ha. Looks like that is your lot in life (like mine was), seeing hubby from the pews!