Monday, April 4, 2011

Help the Liar

"I use Oil of Olay," I lied to the Walgreen's cosmetic counter lady.

I know. I lied. I shouldn't have. But, when she asked what kind of moisturizer I used, I was a little embarrassed to tell the whole truth and nothing but.

Although I was embarrassed to share my beauty secrets with her, I am prepared to share with all the interwebs. Right here. Right now. Because I need to explain and then ask for a little help.

The Walgreen's cosmetic lady was promoting a new, grape seed oil moisturizer- or something of the sort. And I didn't want to purchase it. Plus, I wasn't even there for cosmetics. I was there to pick up middle daughter's prescription for her bronchitis.

But that lady asked what I used. And I told her Oil of Olay, because I didn't want to have to go into a big ol' explanation. Which, to justify, I have used in the past. But recently, like over the past 3 months, I have been using honest-to-goodness extra virgin olive oil (straight from the pantry) as my nighttime moisturizer and even a moisturizer for my body. Really. And I love it.

You might be wondering why. I'll tell you why.
  1. It is an all natural alternative to moisturizers. It has nothing in it that would dry and tighten skin, like many moisturizers contain.
  2. It is inexpensive.
  3. It makes my skin feel silky smooth and leaves just enough shine to make it look like I have healthy skin.
You might be wondering how I came to use it. I'll tell you how.
  1. I have been looking for a great moisturizer for my face to replace my Olay and hadn't found one that I was satisfied with.
  2. I was visiting teaching and the topic turned to skin. My v.t. partner told me that her dad uses it on his hands with amazing results and then the girl we were visiting said that she has used it on her face.
  3. I came home and did some research and found that it is an excellent natural alternative to moisturizers.
  4. I decided to try it. And I've been hooked for 3 months.
Seriously guys, you rub a dime-sized amount on your face and neck at bedtime and go to sleep. And you wake up and there is not any oily residue. And you don't break out. Really. And that break out part is the part that I was totally worried and skeptical about. And your face feels awesome in the morning. Honestly, take it from me- a liar- that there is no oily feel after it all soaks in. It just feels fresh and awesome.

And then, when you take a bath, pour like a tablespoon in your bath water. And soak in it. And then when you get out, your skin is amazing.

And, if you want, you could put some in a spray bottle and spray it on your body at the end of your shower, right before toweling off. And it's awesome.

And, this is probably just about my most insane post ever.

But, this is also something I need help with. Olive oil is just not an option for a facial moisturizer for daytime use, because I need a little SPF. What do you use as a moisturizer on your face in the day? What is a good wrinkle wrangler? Cause, I'm starting to notice a few of those on my face.



Shannon said...

It's a bit more expensive than olive oil, but I use Mary Kay's Velocity moisturizer in the mornings. They also sell a tinted moisturizer with an SPF 20 that I put over that. If you don't want something tinted, their Timewise moisturizer with sunscreen has an SPF 15.

Ruth P said...

I use the Mary Kay Timewise moisturizer with SPF 15 and I love it!

laurie said...

I have to admit I use Mary Kay timewise as well. I don't use the spf because my base has it in it. Maybe that's an option?

Claire said...

I use good old walmart brand equate face lotion, I accidently picked up the one that is generic for neutrogena healthy skin instead of the oil of olay generic I had been using but it has the wrinkle stuff in it and I really like it.
A note on olive oil. I make my own leave in hair conditioner for my very dry curly hair by putting about one part olive oil to three parts my regular conditioner and it works great.

Amy said...

I use the Oil of Olay with SPF 15. I may try the olive oil thing tonight.

Clarissa said...

Recently I was without my usual face lotion, and I have really dry, sensitive skin, so I can't use just anything or else I'll breakout into a rash. So I used baby lotion knowing it wouldn't irritate. And my skins never been softer. It cheap and you can get with spf.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I don't have any SPF suggestions, but I AM going to try your olive oil idea....

Ree-bok said...

My dermatologist recommended Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF. I really like it and you can buy it at your local store (Fry's, Target).