Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Journey of a Lifetime

The husband and I recently returned
from a Pioneer Trek re-enactment with the youth of our stake.
Best. Trek. Ever.

The leaders of our stake were truly inspired as they pulled this whole thing together. It was a privilege for me to take part in this and to be a Ma to some incredibly amazing youth. Plus, I loved spending three whole days with the husband.

In order to honor tradition, I shall now recount my trek experience by numbers. Like last time. (that's the honoring tradition part)

375 youth participating in the trek

29 handcarts

41 youth attending from our ward

13 adult leaders from our ward who trekked the entire time with the youth

4 families in our ward

9 kids in our family

5 o'clock am meeting time to prepare for departure

25 miles covered over the course of two days

3 kids in our ward lifted up on the cart to ride as a result of very sore bodies

15 miles covered the first day

23 mph wind gusts as we attempted to set up camp

89 degree high the first day

100s of cactus needles pulled out of legs/arms/buttockses

0 problems with rattle snakes

10 scorpions killed while setting up camp the second day

3 cans of bug repellent emptied by spraying around the exterior and interior perimeters of our tent in hopes of keeping out those pinchy buggers

75 gallons of water consumed by our thirsty family

100 days spent reading The Book of Mormon cover to cover prior to embarking on the trek

1 woman forever changed by acting on a promise from an inspired bishop to commit to change something with this reading of the book (more on this later)

89 points scored by BYU basketball team to secure a win over Gonzaga and a spot in the sweet 16

4 packages of mole skin completely emptied and used up on the feet of our little family

0 children lost forever along the way (only a couple temporarily lost)

8 happy mommy feet after hot stone pedicures upon returning from the trek

0 regrets of time spent on the hot dusty cactusy trail

54+ people who share a special secret that will bond them together forever


Anonymous said...

I don't think BYU basketball was involved in your trek. It made me laugh that you threw that in there.

uniquelynat said...

so fun! wish we could have gone on our trek. i guess the Lord has His reasons for everything. maybe some day.....

Julie said...

How fun! Wow! What an experience. Something no one will soon forget.

Suzi said...

Amazing...I'm glad you got to go. Cayla has gotten to go on two...one with West Maracopia and on with Buckeye Stakes and LOVED both...she says they were both very diffrent and very special!