Friday, April 29, 2011


30 years ago i got up in the middle of the night to watch a royal wedding on the family television set that we carefully dialed to the correct channel in the basement family room of my childhood home in rifle, colorado. tonight i'm doing the same.

last time i watched with my sisters. tonight, i'm watching alone in my own family room on our 50" flat screen hdtv in small town, arizona. children and husband sleeping. last time i was the same age as oldest daughter.

i think i'm a little crazy. i wish my sisters were here to watch with me. this is the kind of thing i love to share with my sisters. last time, my oldest sister was the instigator- making sure the alarm clock was carefully set so we wouldn't miss a thing. this time, it was easier for me to stay up. no alarm clock needed.

but, now we are moms. and we have to do mom things, so a sleepover just didn't fit into the schedule. i'm hoping for a mom nap later on.

last time, my sister- collector of paper dolls- acquired the princess diana paper doll days after the wedding, complete with wedding wardrobe. she was beautiful. my sister had a grand paper doll collection. some store bought, some home made. i haven't inquired as to whether or not she has similar plans to acquire a royal paper doll this time around. or, if she has plans to make one, which i am fairly certain she doesn't do anymore. (but, wouldn't this be a great time to re-start that hobby?)

i can't wrap my mind around what it might be like to marry a prince. or, perhaps i can- i think i have a prince of a husband. and i do know how it is to be treated like a queen in my marriage.

but, i love how modestly dressed the wedding guests seem to be. elegant and modest. and, oh the hats. they seem to magically float on the heads of these modestly dressed women.

i love this quote from the archbishop of canterbury, officiating in the ceremony:

"be who god meant you to be
and you'll set the world on fire"
-st. catherine of siena

and i loved this quote as well:

"every wedding is a royal wedding,
for we are subjects
of the king of creation"

i believe in marriage. i hope theirs is magical. and wonderful. and fulfilling.

because, it would be such a bummer to be married to a prince and find your marriage un-magical. and un-wonderful. and un-fulfilling.

and especially it would be a bummer to live un-happily ever after.

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