Monday, May 2, 2011

Rotten Potatoes in Hiding

There is a rotten potato in my pantry. Somewhere. And it's stinking up the place.

I know it's a potato because I recognize the earthy, stale, rotten smell.

I have searched and searched and can't find it. It is really bugging me. So I have been keeping the pantry door closed.

I have to brace myself every time I go to the pantry to retrieve something. I take a big breath before I open the door, and pray I can hold it until I have finished my purpose in the pantry. I know it's in there- in some dark hiding place. Like, it's probably behind some obscure can of diced tomatoes. Potato- Potahhhto, Tomato- Tomahhhto, and all that. I have a few more nooks and crannies to search before I can call off the effort.

Which, to be honest, I won't call off the effort til I find the stinking spud. And I hope people can overlook the smell when they come into my home. But I wonder if there is a point where it will stop stinking if it has been in there too long?

I know I'll find it. After all, the world finally found their rotten potato and got rid of it. I know I'll find mine.

I just hope it doesn't take ten years.


Michelle said...

Oh Stephanie!! I have the worst potato story. When I was in college {a million years ago} we noticed a smell that was awful. And like any good college girls, we ignored it! Well, it was a mistake. After awhile we started to wonder if an animal had crawled in the wall and died. This is how awful it became.

Little did we know that someone before our time stored potatoes in the cupboard above the fridge. {Who does that??} At any rate, by the time we finally found it there were maggots and everything. It still gives a visceral reaction just to think of it.

Here's my advice: put some vicks up your nose {cause then you can't smell anything else} and find that potato! Before it reaches dead body smell.

laurie said...

Just a you have anything "canned" that may have come unsealed? That happened to me once, it was awful.

Heidi said...

lol at both you and Michelle...yuck! I keep my spuds where I can see 'em in the front of the pantry... for... that... reason. makes me pleased to report that all of my potatoes are still in edible form but thanks to you guys, I will not be cooking them tonight until my gag reflex settles down!

HanksFam said...

This is funny. And smelly. I can empathize with the part where you hold your breath until the job is over. I do this everytime a little bum needs to be wiped.

Mouse said...

Oh my gosh, rotten potatoes are the WORST! Like Heidi, I keep mine in the very front of the bottom shelf of my pantry for that reason.