Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday our Little Wedgie familia celebrated Cinco de Mayo in mucho grande style. The children practiced their Spanish, simulated Spanish conversation and generally raised a hubbub as we ate and fiesta-ed.

On the menu was fresh homemade salsa and tortilla chips and tostadas. Muy delicioso! And after dinner, the children went out to play. The husband and I cleaned up the kitchen and retreated to the hammock for a siesta.

It kind of made me giggle a little as I was tucked up in his arms and we relaxed on that most perfect of any invention ever invented that our thoughts were completely in sync. I would say something to the husband and he would reply with, "I was just thinking that." And vice versa. I sometimes think, in our case, telepathy would be quite beneficial. Except, maybe it would be a rude form of communicating for the both of us because we would be coming up with the same thoughts at the same time and interrupting or thinking over the other's thoughts. Make sense? It does to me.

Anyway, it was a pleasant time, swaying in the breeze generated by our patio ceiling fans. It was a warm evening that followed a very warm day. Once the sun went down, we literally felt the temperature cool a noticeable few degrees. Ahhhh.

The children returned from playing at the neighbor's house and we gathered in the kitchen for the crowning event of the day: home made fried ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate and carmel. And it was heaven in a bowl. Perfect for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Next year, I believe we shall celebrate the holiday in more proper fashion by beginning our commemoration on Cuatro de Mayo- which is actually Cinco de Mayo Eve. As suggested by a friend, we will gather around and read the Taco Bell Menu. Together. As a family. And then we will live the spirit of Cinco de Mayo all year long.


uniquelynat said...

yes. we had tacos. that's about as festive as i got....and mostly on because that is what i had ingredients for. glad you had a great cinco-th

Loralee and the gang... said...

We went to Cafe Chulo. Best Mex/American food in Coeur d'Alene Idaho!

Sandi and Curtis said...

I am missing your postings! It is May 23rd. Love ya!