Friday, August 26, 2011


Another week comes to a close and, as I reflect upon it, I can't help but feel blessed. So blessed.

I love where I am. I love who I am. And I love who I share it all with.

Little son was honored by being awarded Student of the Month for August. What a sweetheart, that one! I love him and have so loved his full reports of each school day. He is loving Kindergarten. Loving it. His teacher reports that he is such a responsible student. And that he has loads of respect. As I have gone into his classroom each week to help out, I have loved watching him in his new environment.

A couple weeks ago I picked him up from the bus stop and was dropping him off at home, where the husband was working, so that I could rush off to the temple. As we were about to go inside the house, I told him I would check the chicken coop for eggs today- which is normally his job. He said to me, "Mom, you are in your high heels and dress. How about I check the chickens so you don't get your dress dirty?" I'm telling you, that melted my heart. He takes after the husband. I am doubly blessed by the men in my home.

Middle daughter has decided she wants to take cheer leading classes. And so she has begun those classes and has two sessions under her belt. We shall see if she continues loving it. That girl. She has yet to find something she is passionate about, besides animals, so when she voices a desire to try something, the husband and I have decided to encourage her in whatever it might be. She is also into the second month of piano lessons and doing so well. I love to hear her practicing as I cook dinner.

Oldest daughter is in the middle of student council elections. Speeches are to be made on Monday, followed by voting. I hope she does well. She is growing up. I want to stop her. These innocent days of childhood are passing too quickly.

At the end of the Student of the Month assembly, the vice principal of the childrens' school told me that the husband and I have such great children- all of them. I so agree. But, it is a satisfying and validating feeling when someone else recognizes the merits of our children. I love them. They are my world. I feel fortunate to have good children.

I love what we have.

So blessed.


Sarah said...

You DO have great kids! And they are a product of their environment!

uniquelynat said...

steph- you so amaze me. i love how positive and content you are with everything you have and all that you are. i wish i could be just like you. thank you for always being such a great example to me! i love you!!

Ruth P said...

I love this! Just a couple of mornings ago, Brett and I were dancing and laughing, like hurt your cheeks laughing, and I thought to myself, "Life is so good!" I cherish times like that! We truly are so blessed!

Cynthia said...

So glad to know others are working hard to raise great kids. The world will need all the moral, dedicated and smart people it can get!

I have also felt the 'end of the rainbow' feeling in my life lately. In fact, I even got a photo of a rainbow ending in my front yard! (or it looks that way at least!)