Friday, September 16, 2011

You are hereby summoned...

The husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage a few weeks ago.
We had a wonderful week in San Francisco to mark the occasion.
San Francisco is much cooler than where I live.
Cooler in weather, I mean.
I packed jackets and sweaters.
And I wore them!
It was awesome.
We had the best time.
Ate the best food.
I had the best company.
There was only one problem:
when I returned to 115 degree temperatures,
I felt like there was some injustice.
I am dying for Fall.
So today I made pillows to summon Fall.
It should work.


Audra said...

VERY, very cute pillows! Love them.

Jessica said...

love the pillows!

Shannon said...

Cute pillows! It's so hard to live in a place where fall doesn't come calling until Halloween or Thanksgiving. I mean, doesn't she notice on the calendar that fall begins in September. Sheesh! September was hard for me there because my brain and body were ready for fall three months before she remembered to come visit. Hope the pillows work!

uniquelynat said...

SO cute!!!! i LOVE them. now it would be so easy to just make covers for other seasons and just slip them on. fun!!!

Elizabeth said...

Cute pillows...good luck with the summoning :)

Jake and Jenny said...

So fun to get away, it is always hard to come back to our lovely weather, but come what may!