Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Sweet Gig

The daughters (oldest and middle) are taking piano lessons. Since July.

Oldest daughter was introduced to the piano 3 years ago. She took one year of lessons. And then we moved. It took me a while to find a new teacher. But, I finally found one and we started in July. And, boy, is she good. I love her! So do the daughters.

I made a motivational deal with the daughters that if they would practice 5 days a week, they could earn a pack of gum. The small pack. Five pieces. One for each day they practiced.

The second part of the deal was that if they practiced 6 days a week, they could earn a Thrifty ice cream cone from our local water store. (Lots of Arizonans actually purchase drinking water in bulk due to the high ickiness of our tap water.) And the local water store has an ice cream freezer full of tasty Thrifty ice cream choices. For some reason, the Thrifty ice cream counter at our local water store is magical for the children.

The third part of the deal is that if they practice 6 days a week for 4 consecutive weeks, they can have a double scoop in a waffle cone. I know!

Combine these rewards with the candy they earn from their teacher for practicing and I have a couple of budding concert pianists on my hands.

The husband, little son and I are the lucky beneficiaries of the daughters who regularly partake of our new daily tradition of piano practice. I am proud to report that they have not missed out on any of their practice rewards. Since July. They are pretty motivated.

I am so impressed with how quickly middle daughter has caught on to the piano. The first few weeks of practice were a little rough. A few tears. Some tantrums. But now she practices without even being reminded. And she is starting to sound really good.

Oldest daughter is flying through her books. She is just finishing her third set since starting and is about to begin her fourth. Her songs are beginning to be enjoyable to listen to. Over and over.

So, our new weekly tradition is ice cream on Monday nights. Right after Family Home Evening. These past two weeks, middle daughter and little son have opted to get something from the bubble gum machine in lieu of their single scoop, which is usually either cotton candy (which turns their whole mouth a bluish-purple) or cake batter. And, that's way cool for the pocket book, since the bubble gum machine prize is like $1.54 cheaper per person than ice cream.The husband typically orders strawberry cheesecake, while I always go with chocolate malted crunch. Oldest daughter is the bravest of the family because she gets something different every time.

I am wondering how long it will take these lovely and intelligent daughters of mine to figure out that there are three of us riding their wave of reward, since pretty much there are three of us in the family who are rewarded, besides listening to their lovely tunes, for doing nothing. Absolutely nothin.

It's a sweet gig.


Heather Hoyt said...

I want tag along too . . .

Ruth P said...

I love hearing my girls practice the piano, too! What a fun Monday tradition!

uniquelynat said...

my girl wants to learn the violin. and we have found the PERFECT teacher.... auntie ginny!:) now we just have to find the violin.

Audra said...

As a piano teacher, let me just say BRAVO! Thank you for supporting your girls and their practice time. It was a pleasant post to read.