Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'll tell you something: Whenever I see a tall man, I check him out. Always.

I'll tell you something else: I always check out the tall men because I am married to one.

You wanna know another thing?: I never knew how difficult it is to outfit a tall person, until I married one.

One more thing I need to tell you: If you are a tall man who is wearing something that fits you well and looks nice on you, I will look even more closely. Perhaps even stare at your chest or your bum to see if I can figure out what brand your shirt or your pants are.

One last thing: If I like what you're wearing and I can figure out the brand, I will make a mental note and when I get to my computer, I will usually google your outfit. And then if it is still being sold, it is quite possible that I may purchase it.

Because, I'll tell you this: It is hard to find clothes that fit a tall man. So, if I see it on a real, live, walking, talking tall man then I know it is ok for my tall man.

Pretty sure the husband is glad I check out other men. Or maybe he's not. I think I'd better ask him.

Tell me this: Does this make me a creeper?


Liz said...

I check out tall women and will even ask them random questions, like "where did you get those pants?" Not weird at all.

Jenalee said...

My husband is 6'10".

I speak your language.