Friday, November 11, 2011


i totally believe in wishes.
and i think today is a truly magical day.
i did, in fact, make a wish at 11:11.
and i believe i will wish again at 11:11 tonight.
under a full moon.
a brand new, fresh wish.
perhaps i will invite the husband
and we will make a lovers' wish.
that sounds enchanting.
i also believe in wish blossoms.
do you?
i love to wish on an expiring dandelion.
oldest daughter was the first in our family
to refer to them as wish blossoms.
and the name has stuck.
don't you think wish blossoms sounds enchanting?
i also believe in creativity.
i have been indulging in a little of the stuff lately.
so, put wishes, this day, and wish blossoms together
and what do you have?
something enchanting.

happy wishing.


Liz said...

I like the vase. Completely forgot at 11:11 it was 11/11. Oh well.

uniquelynat said...

i thought it was cute all the way up there before. but love OH so much more after!!!! so stinkin cute!

and though the thought of making a wish at 11:11 does sound enchanting, i am hoping (or wishing) to be asleep by then.

Cynthia said...

I like the before AND the after. Great job!

Heidi said...

love the made over vase. I don't know how you do it. you are amazing.