Saturday, November 26, 2011

psychic winning. word.

pretty sure i'm psychic.

we spent the evening playing games with a couple of the husband's cousins and their spouses. it was quite enjoyable.

we played quelf. it's one of those games you hate because you have to make an epic fool of yourself pretending to be a cowgirl ostrich rider who rides around beached whales while your opponents laugh and make fun of you- if that's the card you draw. but, then it's ok, because you do the same to them when it is their turn and they draw the card where they have to perform the ridiculous task of acting like they are stuck in a tree with 5 attacking lobsters and an elf. but, seriously, you hate the game.

i know i am psychic, though, because as we were playing, i was eating german chocolate cake. and i got some of the fudgey frosting way on my upper lip- i'm talking mustache territory, if i were a man. which i am not. but, i had no napkin. so i licked it off- and my tongue had to stretch a lot. and then i remembered how good i am at touching my nose with my tongue. and i began to hope there was a card where i had to touch my tongue to my nose instead of a card where i had to interpretive dance waking up in the morning and going to work only to realize i had forgotten my pants.

sure enough, not two turns later, i drew the tongue-to-nose card! and as a bonus, if i could also roll my tongue, then i could move my biscuit farmer playing piece 2 extra spaces. and there was my moment. i had foreseen this! and i could do both! and i moved my biscuit farmer the additional spaces. FOR THE WIN!

i won the game. probably because of my psychic abilities.

i guess it was worth the impromptu rap all about the word, word. because, really, don't all raps say word, and shawty? who is this shawty person anyway? i suppose that's a question for another day...


Wonder Woman said...

Thoughts have power, yo.

Love games like this. And being psychic.

uniquelynat said...

congrats on your awesome win!