Saturday, November 19, 2011


we cleaned and cried.
we enjoyed weather that was a little bit cloudy. partly cloudy, i've heard it called before.
the canine had to spend some time in her kennel for doing naughty things.
we ate friday pizza on saturday.
we filled the house with winter aromas- pine and cinnamon and clove and cranberry and orange.
we had cherry pie and sang happy birthday accompanied on the piano by oldest daughter for the husband's birthday, even though his birthday is days and days away.
we gave hair cuts.
we attended a baby shower.
we picked up the sunday suit and dresses from the cleaners.
we made luke skywalker outfits out of old sunday shirts.
we folded and put away loads and loads of laundry.
we collected the chicken eggs and put them in our pockets, even though we have been told not to, and one of them happened to crack.
we cleaned up messy cracked egg mess.
we talked to grandma and grandpa.
we got hit in the head with a book. and it left a nasty gash.
we slept in.
we tried to set up an appointment to see the newest nephew and cousin. but, alas, his social calendar is full and he was out for the evening.
we practiced karate moves in the family room.
we played piano beautifully.
we exhausted another belt on the vacuum.
we ate birthday candy from last week.
we donated piles of clothes and shoes to the local thrift store.
we asked neighbors not to hold us accountable for the painting of the entryway we told them to hold us accountable for, because we simply did not get around to it.
we relaxed together at the end of the day and watched a movie, because the byu game is on too late.


uniquelynat said...

sounds like a very full day. can't say we did that much over here. but it was still a lovely cloudy saturday!

Heidi said...

remembering with you and why you cried you. and one more thing...i don't think the Dyson has a belt. you should try that one next:)

Ruth P said...

We wish we could have seen you last night! Soon, I hope!