Friday, November 30, 2012


The husband woke up this morning and told me he had some pretty ridiculous dreams last night. I asked if they included Weiss and Marshall playing poker in Sidney's kitchen-- just as she is parking her Suburban in there. The reason I asked is because that is the episode of Alias we watched last night, right before going to bed. It was the episode where Sidney is trying to regain her memory through some interesting dream sequences. He told me that, no, that wasn't what his dream was about. It was something stranger.

Then, at 6:58 am, there was a knock on our door. It was the guy who is going to be building one of the husband's real-life dreams. Since we have been married, the husband has wanted a sports court. And today, that dream is becoming a reality.

He told me, as I was mopping the floor this morning, that this is a dream he never thought he would ever see to fruition. And in that moment, my heart smiled, because today a dream is being granted to the most amazing man in my life. And he deserves it.

His comment on not ever thinking this dream would happen made me stop and be grateful that we are doing it. We are building the sports court even before landscaping our yard. I realized that the court is a want. A big want. And not a necessity. The yard, on the other hand- while also a want, is more of a necessity and will always outrank a sports court. And I am so happy we are building the court before the yard. The yard will happen. But, the sports court might never happen, because it will always be put on the back burner. And the children are young, this is something they can use now and for years to come.

A couple months ago when we were discussing the court, I could see how exciting it was to the husband. But, he dismissed it and said we should focus on other things. And he was sincere, but you can tell when someone really wants something so badly they can taste it, yet they will sacrifice for the greater good. Plus, we had just begun fencing in our yard, which was quite a blow to the savings account, and he didn't want to add another expense. But, together we decided to move forward with the court.

The children are giddy with anticipation of the completion of the court. We are prepared to have a wicked horse tournament at our house to celebrate when it is all done. I think this dream of the husband's is one of the dreams that I never knew I had. The kind that you don't remember until something happens that reminds you of them. So glad the husband reminded me.

Hooray for dreams coming true! Except, hopefully the dream the husband had last night does not come true. Just sports court dreams. We can handle those.