Sunday, July 27, 2008

Celebrating Post #3

So, I’m onto the blogging secret: you have to celebrate your milestone posts. Well, in true blogger spirit, I will celebrate. I have made it to post #3. This is one of the lesser-known milestones, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t celebrate your post #3. (maybe you could just celebrate your next post, cause hey, isn’t every post a celebration?) And in the tradition of great bloggers worldwide, I will share 3 little known facts about myself. (can you even contain the excitement?) Read on- it gets better. (um, before you read, could you set up a little celebration atmosphere at your place? I don’t know, you might want balloons, or candles, or party hats. Noise makers might add a nice effect. But hey, whatever you are comfortable with. Music?)

1) Contrary to what you may think from my first post, my biggest pet peeve is not rosy bloggers, but it is in fact stepping in gum on a hot day. You know, the way it strings from the pavement to your shoe as you take your first step away from it? It’s an automatic awareness that something is not right. Let’s call it “hot gum intuition”. Could there be anything worse than that? I know! I can hear your collective “uh-huhs”. And then, it has to be dealt with immediately. How do you get it off? And don’t event think about stepping back into the car and putting your foot on the floor mat, cause it WILL leave a permanent gum black spot. And here’s one for your “Can You Believe This?” files. Last summer while running errands, I happened to experience hot gum intuition four separate times! Yes, I did. I actually stepped on four different pieces of gooey gum- one at each stop I made. Yeah, betcha didn’t know that about me.

2) When I have a really great treat, it is possible I might perhaps maybe take it into the pantry to eat. Yes, this is shocking, I occasionally don’t like to share my treats with the kids. If it has a plastic wrapper, I have the technique down for muffling the crinkling wrapper sound. (Because when you are trying to be quiet, that is the loudest sound in the world.)Usually, though, their spidey senses tell them something is going on and, being the genius kids that they are, they typically find me by brilliant deduction. That being: since it happens often, they know the drill. Can’t a mom get a break? Note to self: ask the husband about installing a lock on the inside of the pantry.

3) I have had a tattoo. Gasp! Scandal! Actually, I cannot mislead you. I am not as home girl as all that. Said tattoo was actually a smiley face painted and fired onto a crown on my lower left molar. Yes, I know, a “trying to be a rebel, but gotta hide it so no one sees” type tattoo, even though my mom knew all about it. Anyway, it is all gone by now. It took about 10 years to completely wear off. And, no, I will never get a real tattoo. Even fake tattoos are outlawed at our house.

Well, I just wanted to celebrate my post #3. I made it to post # 3! (Did I mention that? Because I just thought I would mention that!) What an accomplishment! Thanks for the party. Go clean up your decorations. (But keep them handy for my next milestone post. Or whoever‘s milestone post you read next. Because it is all about the atmosphere.)


uniquelynat said...

ummm...what the heck were you doing up at 1am posting on the blog. i guess i COULD have called you to let you know i couldn't log on last night and that's why i never called you back. guess it WASN'T too late. oh well. Congrats on #3! Way to Go!!! thanks for the 3 "little knowns" about you. very entertaining. as always

Ginny said...

steph i really really like the way you write your blogs....youre way entertaining and funny! Im glad you have a blog now and that I can call you my sister:) (because if you didnt have a blog i would not be able to call you my sister) lol. It's cute! and it inspires me! ps- why is it that we "sneak" treats....we dont want to clean up the mess? or go through the hassle of getting the kids one too? I found that out about myself when I was a nanny! And even last night....trey wanted an otter pop soooo badly, after he forgot about it....i ate one, but made sure not to show him. Whats up with that? what would it have hurt to let him have one? I dont know....just something to think about.

Ruth P said...

I am so excited to be comment #3 on your Celebrating Post #3! I just love reading your blog! So I put up purple and white streamers and balloons just for you! Well....and I guess for our "fresh, just turned 4, now almose 5, four-year old's" birthday... :) But it definitely added to the atmosphere!

dRaMa QuEeN said...

if you keep writing like this, you could publish your blog as a book! this is amazing stuff!!!!! I love ya tonz! say hi to everyone for me. i miss having you guys around. it was a lot of fun for the weeks that you were here. P.S. i got out streamers :P