Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was raised in the funniest family ever. I have some funny parents and funny brothers and funny sisters. They are funny. REALLY funny. (this word is starting to look a little funny now, you know how that happens?)

My dad always had some funny one-liners. Oh, and when we all get together, you better watch out.

One of the cutest things my mom has ever told me is that when she first met my dad her cheeks hurt at the end of the day because she was laughing and smiling the whole time they were together. (And it was a long time- they met on a very long drive home from college for Christmas break. AND, she was practically engaged to someone else.)

My mom and dad make a great team. When they were first starting out and having kids and birthdays, my mom took cake decorating classes. We always had awesome birthday cakes.

My mom made this one for my dad WAAAAAAY back in 1972. Growing up I thought this cake was a little scandalous, or at least a little funny. Cause, remember, we are a funny family.

Later, when my older sister got married my mom started doing wedding cakes. Yeah, she's awesome.

There are seven kids in my family. I am the third. My oldest sister turns 40 years old today. She is the one one who always wrote plays for us to perform, usually we would take the swings off the swingset and hang a bed sheet over it. That was our curtain. Those were some Tony Award-worthy performances. Yeah, good times. She also had a colossal paper doll collection, many of them handmade, with names like Denim Deb and she even fashioned an alien one. I don't recall her name- so oldest sister, will you please comment and tell me her name?

I remember when she turned 20, I was like, "Whoa, 20 is soooooooooooooooooo old!"

I was 16.

Now that she is 40, I am like, "Wow, Happy Birthday." Not so old anymore. And, no, I won't air any of her closetal skeletons.

Happy Birthday, Oldest Sister! I have loved being a part of your life for 36 of those 40. You are an amazing woman.


Kaylyn and Rob said...

Isn't it amazing how our perspective changes in life. I love your blog. Chris told Rob about it and I have to say I have had a great laugh tonight reading all your posts (in a good way). We have also recently joined the blogging world. (Garrettfamilygathering.blogspot.com) It is a fun way to keep in touch.

Randibee said...

Thanks Steph-what a nice post! And for your info, there are no skeletons in my closet! And the alien's name was Kreena. 40 is the new 20, didn't you know? Only better...