Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hey all of you out there.

Do you know what today is? That's right it is Wednesday.

And do you know what happens on Wednesdays? Very good, it is early release- 1:00 EVERY Wednesday.

And do you know where I was at 12:50 today? Yes, you are right again. I was waiting in the school parking lot for oldest daughter.

You know why I was there on time (even early) (although, every time I have NOT forgotten to pick her up I have been there early)? BECAUSE I HAVE HEARD THIS ALL WEEK: "Don't forget me on Wednesday like you did last time!" or "remember when you forgot to pick me up last time?" and "that's the tree I waited under when you didn't come get me" oh, and this "that's the lady that called you when you didn't come get me."

So, we are now home from school. It's Wednesday, and I didn't forget. Go me.

I have a suspicion that oldest daughter will never let me live this one down. And then, I think that when middle daughter starts school next year, oldest daughter may say to her, "Sister, I hope Mom doesn't forget to pick you up."

And to tell you the truth, it is possible that it could happen again.


Claire said...

She will never forget. We have discussions in our house of all the times people were forgotten. Eveyone of them catologued and remembered. Nice thing, oldest sister forgot siblings more than mom forgot children.
p.s. How's the canine adventure going?

Randibee said...

Way to go Steph! Audrey has early release on Wednesdays too; maybe we could form a support group.