Monday, August 18, 2008

Item #2

If you missed yesterday's meeting, please take a moment to review the minutes. (Oh, and for those who were absent, don't forget to submit your doctor's note so that you may have an excused absence, as unexcused absences will result in immediate laundry detail. May I also remind you that 3 unexcused absences will result in immediate bathroom duty.)

This meeting will now come to order.

We will begin with our second agenda item- the one we were unable to address yesterday.

For those of you who know the husband and me, this one is really gonna throw you. Are you sitting down? Are you seat-belted in? Because, if you aren’t you might want to make some sort of provision. Perhaps you should cushion the ground around you for your impending collapse.

Drum roll please…

We, our little family- the husband, oldest daughter, middle daughter, little son and I have acquired a canine companion. I know. Breathe, breathe, breathe... I’ll give you a moment to collect yourselves, catch your breath and gather your thoughts.

Your thoughts: “I don’t even know these people anymore."

No, “that place” hasn’t frozen over. We have a dog. This is symbolic of a huge and total commitment (and perhaps a little temporary insanity). Can I do it? I am so not an animal person. You know I am not. Don't you? Yes, you do. I am the non-animalest non-animal person you will EVER meet.

I have daughters who should live on a farm. (I don’t know who their parents are.) They are drawn to animals. They play like they are animals. ALL THE TIME. They beg for kitties and puppies and fishies and turtles. And, no, I couldn’t pull off the “let’s get a pet rock” thing with them. (It's like I have told you before, they are genius kids.)

Going back to what my good friend Marjorie Hinckley (really, we have never met. But I like to imagine in my head that if we ever did meet, we would be the greatest of friends) has said about saying YES to your children, I realized that all I was doing when saying no to the pet issue was denying my children an opportunity to love an animal. Again, selfishness.

Since getting the dog (and I know that we are still only a day into it) I have seen a whole new universe open up to my girls. They are in love and the husband and I are coping.

So, tell me your greatest dog tips, and pray for dry carpets!

Thank you for being in attendance. Meeting adjourned.


Chris said...

Umm, even though I was unable to make the meeting, it looks like I was the first to attend anyway.

Does this mean I can have a make-out session anyway?

Shannon said...

Once again, you are a better parent than me. 16 years and 5 children later and we still do not have a pet. tried fish once, but they are pretty temporary. Part of the problem is that Mom is a cat person and Dad is a dog person. Bit of a problem. So kudos to you!

PS- I made sure to make both meetings so that I don't have to attend any make-up(out) sessions. Enjoy, Chris!

Mechelle said...

hahahahahahaha! First of all, GOOD LUCK! Second, I think you'll need "my new best friend", and third, Chris's comments make me laugh!

but really, if the puppy pees on the floor rub his nose in it and say "no!" or something like it. Most dogs have a very keen sense of smell so that is a big punishment, and if you need to borrow "my new best friend" you are welcome to. :)

uniquelynat said...

well-you already know what i think. we talked. the more i think about it......she is probably just adjusting to her new environment. giver her this week and if she still shows no more improvement then i would maybe take her to the vet. and just remember she is sooo small and will not eat or drink the amount you are used to seeing a dog eat or drink since she is less than half the size of any of the dogs you have ever been around...probably about 1/4 the size. i think she's fine. don't worry. (on behalf of your kids i mean...since you are NOT an animal person):)

Chris said...

shannon, i need to ask about your comment placement. you wrote:

"Enjoy, Chris!"

comma placement is a very technical thing. you see, if you write "enjoy, chris" then it is directed at me. it is therefore up to me to find something to enjoy. and i may not have the option to enjoy.

But, if it does not have a comma then it becomes a command directed to the wife that she should "enjoy chris"

I like that one better. care to clarify?

no pressure.

Sarah said...

Seriously? What kind of dog did you get? I would like some pictures! I don't have a lot of advice - even though we have a dog. Ours is still a very incontinent animal, so she stays outside. Good luck! zx

Shannon said...

Hi Chris,

I thought about that last sentence after I posted it and decided it was right. I think that I will let that comma stand where it is. You were the one with your attendance in question, after all. I think you should have whatever type of make-____ session is deemed appropriate. You may bring it up with the wife. If she's ok removing the comma, you have my blessing.

hwalk said...

My advice: Have your dog professionally trained. Train it well.

We had a dog and didn't train it and it ended up being a big pain (and eventually ran away from us). I watched a dog training documentary and realized that dogs are actually enjoyable when they are taught good habits.

Randibee said...

Sorry I missed all the meetings. Good luck with the dog!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

Not being an animal lover myself, I would have to say "Good Luck" more than "Congratulations". However, if Taylor were writing this post she would probably say "Lucky!!".

E-Star said...

Need any advice just ask... I have had lots of puppies grace my home... as you can probably tell from the looks of our carpet...yeah maybe you should borrow Mechelle's little friend