Thursday, November 20, 2008

into him

last night i had a date. on a school night. with a hottie. and now i can't get him off my mind. i'm like totally following his twitter feed and everything. i wonder if he knows.

i had to pick him up for our date- mainly because i had to drop some children off at some people's house. but after the children were taken care of, i met him at his office. where i brought clothes for him to change into. and he changed into them- right in front of me- in his office. and i tried not to watch. but i couldn't help it. and i did. (please don't tell my mom)

then we went to the lake and boated out into the middle and sat and talked- and stuff. it was a beautiful night. but there were some mosquitoes. and they got to me a little. but i still enjoyed our time together. the city lights on the lake were breathtaking as they danced across the water. and the headlight went out on our boat. but that's ok- it made us more inconspicuous. and he assured me he would use his cell phone light to let other boats know we were there if one came near us. it was romantic. not his cell phone light. the lake.

after we boated we got some dinner. and- hey, shannon- we totally saw greg. did you know he was in tempe last night? he ignored us- pretended like he didn't know us. that's ok. there are probably a lot of people out there who would love to pretend like they don't know us. we just carry on. no biggie. don't feel sorry for us, k?

while we were walking to the restaurant a group of high school kids were totally infatuated with my date. i know. like i said, he's a hottie. and he was MY date. they totally asked him how tall he is. and he told them. and it made my heart melt. cause he's like 6' 6". that's tall. and then they asked him if he played basketball with michael jordan (yeah, michael jordan. i didn't know that high school kids know about michael jordan. do you think they were insinuating that we are old- my date and me?). he doesn't (play ball with mj), but he totally could if he wanted to. and then they asked him for his autograph. he gets that all the time. all the time. and he was MY date. but, he just chuckled at the autograph thing and we kept walking.

then after dinner he took me to the temple. it was beautiful. the christmas lights are on. they are still putting them up- but the majority are up and on. i love the lights. they remind me of all things good. like dates to the temple grounds in high school with hottie boyfriends. and now, here i was at the temple grounds with an eternal hottie. full circle.

we had a lovely time at the temple. so renewing. and recommitting. do you know what i mean? after the temple we had to make sure we took care of those children who were at those people's house. and then we made our way home. and i did get a goodnight kiss. and that's all i'm gonna say.

anyway, i can't stop thinking about him. do you think he'll call? i hope so. i'm just going to carry my phone with me all day- both phones: cell and home. and then i will check email all day. and his twitter feed. cause he might tweet about me- but probably in code so it won't be obvious. i wonder if he'll check my blog. i kind of hope so, but a little of me is kinda shy to let this all out. i wonder what he will tell his friends about me. do you think he'll catch on that i am into him?


Lynn said...

Sweet evening !

Annie Valentine said...

I think he'll catch on.

I can't believe you watched him undress and THEN went to the temple.

Mike & Beckie said...

How romantical. (sigh)

I bet he'll call, you're a great catch!

Chris said...

Hey babe. Thanks for the great evening. it was fun to be out in the middle of a lake in the dark with you, AND do all the other stuff we did. i'm glad you didn't take photos of me changing...but do you think i should have given those kids my autograph? We need to do that again, it was a great night. And thanks for the kisses and stuff - even with my garlic breath.

btw - shannon - i was blown away that the person we saw wasn't greg, who apparently has a twin. I was offended that he didn't recognize me until i realized that he was probably about 5 years younger than Greg is.

Chris said...

...and it's a good think i have your programmed BOTH your numbers into my speed dial. i have to admit, i have a crush on you too.

but since we are passing notes, can you please check one of the following:

do you like me?

__ Yes

__ No

will you go out with me again if i ask you on a date?

__ Yes

__ No

if you want to reply via email if your shy you can...

wonder woman said...

alright, now I feel a little voyeuristic......

But he likes you!!! And wants to go out again! I can't believe he found your blog and read to play coy right now. We don't want him thinking he's got all the power!

--Thanks for this!! It makes we want to flirt with my husband. (I prefer to do it over text messaging.)

The Blog Stalker said...

He likes you! He really really likes you! are soooo lucky!

Nathan said...

I know it's obvious, but he's totally into you too.

You should hear him when he visits our office. We'll be having a work conversation about routers or virtualization, and suddenly he'll say, "I love my wife."

It usually throws me off for a second, but only because I'm not prepared for such a declarative statement to be inserted at exactly that moment.

It's cute, though, and it solidifies the fact that he totally digs you.

... oh, and I'm sure he'll call.

Mechelle said...

Oh' I just love this! You two are just too cute! We gotta double again sometime soon.

Mechelle said...

btw the autograph thing was too funny!

Shannon said...

The world is a very lucky place if there are two Gregs walking around. I happen to know for a fact that mine was not in Tempe. He was very diligently helping and then quietly listening at our YW in Excellence last night. I know. I saw him there. And he helped clean up. So, lucky for you to have such a nice date last night and for Tempe to have a clone of such a great guy walking around! If I see The Husband, I'll tell him to call!

Sarah said...

OMGosh - you are like the luckiest! Just to be out w/out the children is pretty lucky - but dinner and the temple in one night...Whoa. And on a school night!

Tracy said...

What a sweet post!!! I just got back from a trip to VA with my DH and we had a really nice time together.

Glad you found my blog! I'm totally up for the foot massager. For all the other stuff, too, but I hadn't thought about a foot massage, and I sure need one!!! :D

I added you to my blog list on I've visited your blog before and love stopping back.

~Tracy at

Kami said...

I was web surfin' during my lunch break when I came across your blog. This post is too funny! It's great to keep the romance alive. Wish my hubby was still as romantic as when we were dating!

Mind if I come back for a visit now and again?

Kellie said...

. . .sittin' in a tree. . .k-i-s-s-i-n-g

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Aw, this is so sweet. I bet he can't stop thinking about you either! And you really watched him undress? You are so naughty.