Friday, November 21, 2008

dream giveaway

giveaway? yippee!! because this is my 95th post.

hold off on celebrating the giveaway while i splain. this is not your typical giveaway. it is a dream giveaway- as in dream. like you do while you sleep. not dream like what you always wished for.

last night i had some pretty good dreams. as far as dreams go. the common denominator in all those dreams was that whoever actually called me (as in on the phone) yesterday found themselves in a starring role in my dreams. cool, huh? except there was the big guy in my third dream that i couldn't figure out where he came from.

and so what i am offering is a role in my dreams tonight. do you want a role? you don't even have to audition. all you have to do is call me. yep, easy as that. call me.

i know that some of you know my phone number and some of you do not. that is ok. for those of you who do not know my number- just call 555-3736. that should do it. and then, since that is not my real number but it is a great fictitious phone number because all fake phone numbers start with 555 and then the 3736 = drem because if it was dream that would be too many numbers so drem = dream, just leave me a comment right here on the blog and let me know you tried to call and i think that will be good enough. yeah, good enough.

now, you may be wondering how i will recognize you in my dream. especially if we have never met. well, this is the beauty part. in dreams, everything makes sense. you know how when you dream sometimes you assign the identity of a friend or loved one to someone who, once you wake up, you realize looks nothing like that person. so, of course i will know who you are right away. because that's how dreams go.

here's an idea. if you want to influence how your character looks or acts, maybe you could leave a suggestion for what you want in your comment. just an idea. i totally believe this will work.

i don't think anyone has ever done a dream giveaway. great way to celebrate post #95, no? we'll see how this goes. and i'll see you tonight. in my dreams!



I would totally call you! you ought to email me your real phone number!!! :)


if i win..i would hope there is candy involved... like Chocolate....Sour Candy.... CInnamon candy.... ya know... CAAAANDY :)

congrats on your 95th post :)!!!!

Me said...

I totally tried to call you, but it kept asking for an area code. What is it with all this area code mumbo jumbo. Geesh!

Oh, pick me! PiCK ME!! I've never had anyone say they had a dream about me, that would be nifty!

Lynn said...

I tried to call you too and I got a busy signal ! (no call waiting or auto message)

You are so clever...I just love your sweet little musings ( in creative writing we would call your style "Stream of Contiuousness")

If you pick me, you must do one thing while dreaming about me...I must be THIN and YOUNG ! LOL

uniquelynat said...


is this one of those giveaways where family members of the employee are exempt from winning? just wondering since you didn't mention it.

and if i am eligible could you make me about 30 pounds lighter? and no gray hair, cause i'm tired of coloring it? and it should be long. and no glasses or contacts. and a beautiful smile. and eyes that sparkle. oh and could you give the 30 lbs you take from me and add them to ammon? i know he'd appreciate that.

i guess that's all. if there's anything else i'll let ya know.

good luck everyone!!!

Suzi said...

OK, so I do know your number, but I think if you dream of me tonight you might have nightmeres.:) So lets change me around a little.Have me loose about 10 lbs and better hair (need a hair cut BAD) and hey you could bring someone in to do my make-up for me, that would be nice, new clothes. OH, and heck, I don't know just keep me as I am, but if you happen to dream of me you will have a nightmere, you're be better off dreaming of Cayla. Shes cuter. You had me laughing with this one.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I l♥ve dreams!!! I want no grays and to be thin also :)

Sandi said...

How wonderful that you can dream. Miine are usually nightmares! I'd love to actually participate in a real DREAM! So sign me up...I'll let you imagine that I have totally blank days!!!! Free time!!! Novel idea!

Carolyn said...

I would love to be in your dreams givaway! :0 I would really like to be able to fly and have magical powers. I would also love to be a little less heavy too! Sweet Dreams.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

What a clever giveaway. I want so bad to win I tried calling but my phone kept dropping the call. Odd. But if I'm ever so lucky to make it to your dream, I'm the one who looks like Jessica Alba :-)

Elizabeth said...

Sorry I was only able to reach you through blogmail, your number just seemed to be unavailable all day.
So, since everyone wants to be skinnier, I will just ask for you to dream of me the way I am- Pleasantly Plumb WITH gray hair. Maybe you will pick me since mine is different from everyone else's;)

Maybe you could make me rich though- or least someone without bills....that would be a Sweeeeeet dream.

wonder woman said...

If you have a dream with Reese Witherspoon, laundry, snow, pregnancy, or chocolate in it, you'll know it's me. (These things don't all describe me, but they've been popping into my dreams lately.)

Ooh I hope I win!!!