Thursday, December 4, 2008

On My Mind

So, I have been wondering about a few things for a long time. I decided I'm going to just put it out there to you guys. Because I know you have an opinion. And a good one at that. My sister informs me that she enjoys reading all the comments you make- sometimes even more than the original post. I have to agree with her. I have some great readers and I love that you play along with the insanity on this blog and I love reading what you have to say. And so, here we go with our first town meeting. It's gonna be a good one. I can feel it.

How do you handle comments on your blog?
Do you answer people's comments right back in the comment section?
Do you send them a personal emailed response?
Do you answer them silently, like in your head?
And then:
Do you check back in comment sections when you have posed a question in response to a person's blog post?
Or, if you like the particularly witty comment you have left on someone's blog, do you hope they have a retort that they shoot right back in the comment section?
So, do you come back and check other people's comments to see what kind of thread is going?
And finally:
What would you like me to do?
Because I really want to respond to comments, but I'm unsure if people check back to see if there is a comment on their comment.
Tell it to me straight, people.
What would you like to see on this here blog?
Because whatever you ask for, I can provide. (in regards to comments, k?)
And please chime in- that's what town meetings are all aboutl. I know you know that. I'm just rambling at this point. And I can't stop. But I will.
You're welcome.


Shorty said...

You know, I've wondered the same thing and haven't been consistent with what to do yet. I guess it depends...

Sometimes when I comment I'm just checking in to let the writer know that I really liked the post or can relate to the topic. I guess there have been a couple of times when I've posted a question and checked back for a response, but usually I don't ask questions.

I know I absolutely LOVE getting comments on my blog posts so I try to share that feeling with other writers. I guess if you're asked a specific question you could respond in the comments section...I would think the person asking would check back often looking for a response. Sometimes questions are hypothetical so I don't feel like I'm supposed to respond.

I guess since I have no real concrete answer for you I'll just have to check back to read the other comments! And, we'll learn together!

Jess said...

If people comment on my blog, I usually just answer them in my head. I don't expect people to keep checking back in the comments section of my posts! But then again, people don't have full conversation in my comments sections. If they did, I might just comment right back to them.. But who knows? I usually don't check by to see if people comment on my comment on other blogs, so I'd probably prefer email, if anything at all! (p.s. I'm sorry if your school gets crushed by my school in basketball this Saturday. We can't help that we're good! least at basketball)

Lynn said...

I comment right back to those who comment on my blog, especially if a question is asked ! Sometimes, I answer in my really depends on my mood and if I have the time.

I check back to others blogs if I have asked them a question or if someone else thought of a question I didn't think of...on your blog, you have a lot of very imaginative and witty followers and I really enjoy reading all their comments like your sister does.

I trust your style and like the cleverness of your blog, so what ever you want to do, it will be right...thanks for giving us the chance to imput...I just did it, didn't really think about how, until you brought it up...way cool , BTW ! LOL

wonder woman said...

I do a lot of answering and laughing in my head. I also have comments set up to go to my inbox, in case I want to reply directly. Sometimes I reply in the form of a comment on their blog. Sometimes (least often) I reply in my own comments section. Like if someone asks a question I want other readers to know the answer to for clarity purposes.

I never check comment boxes that I've already commented on for a response. Well, I know a few bloggers who only respond that way, so I occasionally check back. But I have too many blogs to read to check old comments!!! However, if the post's been up for a while when I find it, it's fun to read the diapogue between poster and commenters.

I do like having comments on my e-mail, but my inbox gets cluttered pretty fast that way.

So how's that for an answer?

Wizzard MoM said...

I have to agree with Wonder Woman about having my account set up to have comments emailed to me. Because I rarely get to go back and check. But if I get the email, I'm more likely to pay attention to it. And if I need to comment again, I go back to the original post and reply that way.

I of course, don't get too many comments on my own blog yet. Still trying to find the niche that will solicit my own fan base. But when I do get to that point, I just answer on the comment sections unless it's something TOO PERSONAL, and then I just email the person directly.

Hope you figure something out.

I really enjoy reading your blog, because even though it might be "insane and crazy" I do that well.

Chris said...

Respond back. My vote.

I re-read threads.

Also, does anyone know if there is a way on blogger that posts recent comments on the blog in the sidebar? i know there is a way with wordpress...?

Nathan said...

Here are my answers:

1. I totally just laugh or comment in my head. Unless someone asks a specific question that actually prompts an answer, I usually just leave them alone. If I do need to answer, I just comment on my own blog as a follow up comment (who knows if this is the right thing to do, though).

2. For comments on other blogs, I just subscribe to the follow up comments via email. Then I know if anyone replied.

3. I'd say do whatever you want. You're the queen of this blog, so we are the ones visiting your kingdom (or maybe ... queendom?). I'd say do whatever is easiest for you.

My two cents.

uniquelynat said...

ok i will answer. my thoughts. this might get long...

i love reading everyone's comments before mine. if the post is particularly funny i will sometimes check back again to see what others have said after me. i like it when people answer questions in the comment section, because it is usually something that will bother me if i don't know the answer can also check the little box below this dialog box that says "email follow up comments to...(the commenter's email address)and then you don't have to check back. (you must do this BEFORE you hit the "publish your comment" button. if i ask a question i would like an answer to, i usually do that. when the answer comes i unsubscribe from that post. so easy. you do it right from the email you received.

i have a friend who emails people directly. that's nice, but might be time consuming.

so my vote is comment back to people directly in the comments section of your blog. also it gives people something more to feed off and might get even funnier! i'm always up for funnier!

to chris: yes you can do that. you have to set it up in the layout section of your blog. i don't know exactly how. i had a background on mine once that had it already there. i thought it was just an option in the "add a gadget" section. But it's not. it might be part of the html code for that background i had. but i do know it can be done cause i had it once...for a some research. i bet you could figure it're smart about these kinds of things.

the end

Randibee said...

I don't have a blog-so usually "no comment" works for me...

Tink said...

I occasionally make comments back via email to people who leave me comments. I have their comments forwarded to my email and so if they have an email I can reply to, I'll reply. There is a place at the end of posts that says "subscribe to:posts(atom)" and people can get a feed of comments made to that particular post, but it looks like you have taken that out of yours cuz I don't see it.

Shannon said...

I sometimes reply on comments and sometimes send an email. A couple of times I've done both because I don't know if the person will come back to read comments again. I've been wondering the "etiquette" on comments myself. Your readers have had some good ideas. Thanks for posting the question.

Cynthia said...

Well, I don't know that I do it the right or best way but I'll answer the comment back in the comments section. If it's something they REALLY want to know, they'll check back. Even if they don't check back, others who read after might have the same question and want to see the answer.

I often ask questions because I like having a dialogue and I also think it makes it more clear to readers that you want/read comments if they leave them. No one wants to leave a comment the blog owner won't read.

Laurie said...

I think it depends on the comments... but really I just have no idea, so maybe I'll follow your lead!