Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daily Classified

I used to have someone read this little blog who considered herself to be my biggest fan. Her own words. Not mine. And not that I minded at all. I found it very flattering. But I believe she no longer reads my blog. Which is kinda sad. To me. Probably not you. But, you know, it goes along with the whole losing a follower thing. It's emotional for me. I won't go into it. You're welcome.

So, I guess what I am getting at is that I am looking for a new Biggest Fan (BF). Everyone needs one. Do you have one? You should get one. They make you feel good. Unless they leave you.

I will rise above it. This is what I am going to do. I am going to give her a few days to declare herself. If I do not hear from her, I will open the position to whomever might possibly be interested. Fair, right?

And then, assuming she has fallen off the face of the earth, you may be awarded the position. No resume needed. Just a few rules:

  1. You must declare that you would like to assume this position if original BF cannot be located.
  2. A BF would logically be a follower, so accordingly, you should click on my followers gadget to let me know you are serious.
  3. Once you have become a follower, you should never stop following me. Because why would you if you are the official BF of this blog? Besides, when I lose a follower, it hurts.
  4. Maybe it might be nice if you link your blog to mine. And in the event that you have no blog, I can hook you up with a friend of mine who does vinyl lettering and I am pretty sure she could whip up something for you to stick on the back window of your car- like my blog address. And you could even do this if you have a blog. I'm pretty sure that's what official BFs do.
  5. I will be sure to link to your blog on my sidebar. Wouldn't it be cool if I could come up with a button? And, again, in the event that you do not have a blog, I will get some vinyl art of you. Like a stick figure family of you and yours or something similar to stick on the back of my car. Again, if you do have a blog, we could probably work something out here, too.
  6. You should probably work my blog into any conversation you have so that people would know you are the official biggest fan. We can work on conversational transitions, self-promotions and catch-phrases later. I have a few all ready to go. They come in handy in a pinch.
  7. Comment on each and every post- so everyone will know that you are fulfilling your duties. And they can get to know the Biggest Fan.

I believe this just about covers it. However, I reserve the right to come up with any additional rules I deem appropriate. Because it is possible I may have missed something. Afterall, I'm pretty new at having to find a new Official Biggest Fan.

Current Biggest Fan: you have approximately three days to chime in. I hope you are still out there. And I hope you are ok.

Three days starts now...


Shauna said...

I l♥ve your blog and I am a follower! You are AWESOME! Hope you know you are beautiful and l♥ved very much by me! I am totally here for you woman! ♥ Hugs :)

Marni said...

I do believe that I AM your biggest fan! I don't know if I qualify, though. because I don't meet some of the requirements! But I will be sure to get right on that! Especially the sticker for my back window. I can see in now... I am the Biggest Fan of Laughing At Life's Little Wedgies dot blogspot dot com. I will become a follower! Right now! Then, you will see how serious I am about this!

Marni said...

By the way... thanks for mentioning my business in this post! You will recieve 10% off of everything I sell to people that have come because of you! :)

hollylynn said...

i have never used vinyl lettering before, but i am a pretty big fan of your blog.

i wouldn't be so presumptuous as to say i was your BIGGEST, because it sounds like marni is pretty amped on getting the job.

keep it up, though! i love your blog.

Shannon said...

I don't know if I'm your biggest fan, but I am a follower and I do have a link to yours on my sidebar, and you are in my google reader. I don't do vinyl lettering on my car, though I do think it's pretty cool stuff. Good luck finding a new BF!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Wow! Sounds like you love Followers even more than I do! And I thought I was the craziest one! I'm pretty sure I was a follower already, but I went back and clicked on it again...I'm so not used to the new format...
Your bloglink has been on my sidebar for-ever, though, BUT I'm pretty sure that my husband would frown on the vinyl letters stuck to my car. Kinda tacky-
Love Your Blog
(Your Newer Biggest Fan Forver)

gramee said...

because i too live in arizona i pretend i see you in the store..
i know, i don't even know where in az. you live and i am sure it is not anywhere near wherei live. but i was talking to a gal in a store one day and she tried to sell me girl scout cookies.. and i thought she is cute..just as i imagine "trublubyu" (really i thought "wedgies") would be. i wonder if that is her. lol.. maybe that makes me your biggest fan. thinking i am seeing you around town.
maybe not..

That Girl in Brazil said...

Ha! This is great.

I read every post - but I don't always comment. Is that bad? .... I'm still Your Biggest Fan!

Kellie said...

Oh pick me! I love your blog and I already have you on my side bar and have gotten other people to read your blog and I'm a follower, have been for a while. Pick me!!!!! Hee, hee. Do I sound desperate? Sorry. Your blog is just the coolest.

Chillygator said...

Whoa! I love this sort of game! Can I be an alternate BFF? I sort of suck at commenting, but following and adoring, I can totally do. This way I'll just step things up when your real BFF is on vacation or something. I will be Here For You...alternately.

Mike & Beckie said...

I must say that I am pretty BIG fan. I read your blog every morning to get the day started on the right foot for work.

Your blog is amazing and I love keeping up to date.

Nathan said...

I have to say, yours is one of the blogs I look forward to most.

I'd love to be your biggest fan. the only problem is that I'm not a huge commenter. I tend to stalk more than comment.

I even got my wife to start reading your posts. Now there's a referral for ya.

big_smartmouth said...

dear ye of little faith~

please see attached blog for a response to finding a new biggest fan.


your FOREVER biggest fan

uniquelynat said...

i think biggest fan has spoken up. just in the nick of time. i think you would be well advised to check it out her little post. hope you two can come to a happy reconciliation! :o)