Wednesday, February 10, 2010

life sentence

i have a lot to post about but for some reason i have no ideas on what to say and so i have avoided this thing like the plague and it has been in the back of my mind all through the day and night but just not enough to give me any great writing inspiration plus i have been super busy moving and having moving hiccups over and over again and trying to rent out an extra house cause now we have two and no one wants to rent a beautiful house apparently even when we tell them we will make them cookies every month their rent check is on time but really we haven't told that to anyone yet since i just thought of it and so probably that is why our house isn't rented because i have not offered the cookie incentive yet but i think i will start that incentive today and also right now i just learned that you shouldn't try to open your son's mack truck that is holding two lightning mcqueens while you are typing because one could fall out and land on his toe which really hurts and if you offer to kiss that toe you will be turned down which is also a lot like no one wanting to rent your house and then you just have to keep having faith that someone will one day want your house so we are keeping on having faith and all i can do is look forward to friday when i can see my true love and the great spectacle that he has planned for me because it has been a couple years since i have seen him. TGFIC! (Thank Goodness Friday Is Coming)


Ginny said...

love the sentence! and i know you have a TON to write about, and maybe thats why youre avoiding the blog...because you have a lot to catch up on? no? ok. well good luck with the house....we love it and would move there, but our budget just wouldnt allow it!

Wonder Woman said...

I forgot that you were moving! Glad to know there's a legitimate reason for your absence. I kinda mis you, girlie. Wish I could rent your house or knew someone in AZ looking.

Roland & Alicia said...

You are too cute. I hope your house rents soon. Too bad we aren't staying. :( Enjoy your time with your hubby. I love your TGFIC. I think I will have to steal that one.

Roland & Alicia said...

AHA! I just got that you were talking about the olympics. That's cute!

Nathan said...

I expected your complete lack of posts because moving is horrible. I'm seriously debating about never moving out of this house, even though it will eventually be too small and even though I hate the snow. HATE. THE. SNOW.

All simply because I don't want to move our piano (and by extension don't want to pay to have it moved).

Long story short ... I was surprised to see a post from you. Surprised, but obviously pleased.

Heidi said...

Hang in there!!!
Love you guys!

uniquelynat said...

well i for one couldn't be any happier to hear from you...finally...again. oh happy day. and you should never let your personal tragedies interfere with your ability...... well you know how it goes. ;)

by the way can i borrow your white dishes?

Ruth P said...

Love you, Steph! You bring a smile to my face!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Sorry for your troubles. I have been through something similar, and I know the stress you are under. I know prayer helps, and deep breaths, and long bubble baths...It will all work out, eventually!

E said...

ahhhhh, the woes of owning a rental home- I feel your pain and hope yours rents soon- like today! We have an empty one currently as well, so maybe I will try the cookie idea also! I fully believe food solves all problems- my hips agree!

オテモヤン said...