Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Letter

Dear Olympics,

It has been so awesome to see you again. I have missed you- but I know that the time we have spent apart has been necessary so that you could get such a great show together. And I know you hate to be away from me. So, I can excuse your absence. Plus, I can tell you have gathered some extraordinary athletes.

I have to say that the husband has been very supportive of our affair. Could a girl have a better husband? Um, no.

I love your winter show- it always reminds me how good you look in white. And I never knew you could look so good in Vancouver! A new favorite look for you.

The children are even loving the events this time around. Oldest daughter cheers for whoever I cheer for. Middle daughter cheers for whoever has the cutest outfit. I don't blame her- don't come to The Olympics if you don't have a cute outfit. And little son likes the events with the most action. And the biathlon- because it has guns.

I know it's been a tough one so far, but you are holding up beautifully. And you have convinced me to visit Vancouver. Wow. I mean, WOW!!

Maybe you could give me a little advice on how to chase gophers out of my new yard. We have many. Perhaps you might like to use them as the target for the biathlon? Just a thought. Let me know. We have many- like I said.

And all I can say is, thanks for being faithful to me- what with all the fast women that you have there. You are truly awesome. Oh, and I'm digging the U.S. snowboarders' pants.


P.S. We have renters! I know you were concerned. I saw it written all over your face- and I know that was the message you were sending last night when a certain male figure skater was wearing a black outfit with hot pink corset lacing and a matching tassel. I knew that tassel was your "concern" signal. I picked right up on it. Next time you are in Avondale, be sure to eat at a certain dining establishment off Dysart and the I-10 and tip that blonde waitress generously- she has a rent check to send in.


Wonder Woman said...

While I can appreciate your infatuation with Mr. Olympics, I must ask: what does he have against Georgia?

Though seeing Vonn and White win tonight was quite the thrill.

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

love it- all of it :)

uniquelynat said...

can i just say that when that lv won her gold last night i was almost as emotional as she was. after hearing all of her struggles. i was almost crying right along with her.

but i was nervous watching all of those little girls getting thrown around on that hard snow.

and sw. all i can say is WOW. the height he got. and 2 golds in a row! it was a good day for him!

though i do have to say i was sad about little louie. after falling in love with him on dwts i was sooo rooting for him to win something.

a great show! the olymics has been a little harsh to some and a little soft on others. how does he decide who he will treat thusly? maybe you have some insight (considering your relationship and all)?

Heidi said...

Loved the snowboarders last night!

SOoooooo happy to hear about the renters! Hope you got a reeeally long contract so you can reeeelax!

Good luck with the gophers!

Claire said...

The gophers make me laugh, because Liz was just out in my yard trying to help me figure out what the strange mounds of dirt are. Possibly Moles not gophers.
Also glad you rented your home

Jessica said...

yea for renters!!!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Yah - the Tassle! Creepy.
And did you see those nails on that guy(?)?

Randibee said...

Yay for the Olympics! I love, love watching them!!!!

Nathan said...

So ... I know this wasn't the subject of your post, but I'm glad you have renters.

I was also concerned, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to dress up in a pink corset with matching tassel. Thank goodness the Olympics did it for me because that would have been embarrassing.