Tuesday, April 27, 2010

nook report

Since I received my nook from the husband, I have had a lot of questions from people about it. And let me just declare to all the world: I LOVE IT!! I love it so much that I would marry it. Except I am already married to the husband. Whom I love. And so, we're good.

I'm telling ya- love the nook. I have only read one book on it so far, and it was a book that I never anticipated I would ever read- let alone enjoy. It was a free download that was included with the nook. And at first I just scrolled over it every time I got that nook out to look at, until finally, one of my nephews left it open after exploring my e-reader, so I began reading. And it captivated me.

Curious what book it was? Bram Stoker's Dracula. I know.

I haven't ever been interested in that sort of thing. Ever. I haven't read any of the Twilight series, nor have I seen the movies. I have never delved into anything vampire. I have not seen any of the Dracula movies, and I had no idea Van Helsing was associated with Dracula in any way, but thanks to the recent movie- the name was familiar.

And I loved the book. Perhaps because I had such low expectations? Who knows.

And so, for my first selection on my brand new e-reader, I read Dracula. And liked it.

The husband and I are currently reading William Clayton's journals. Also a free download. Very interesting. Clayton is an early leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was a clerk to Joseph Smith and traveled with Brigham Young in the first wagon train to Utah. In that same wagon train were the husband's great great great grandfather (Parley P. Pratt) and my great great great grandfather (John D. Lee), both of whom are mentioned in the journals. Clayton is also the author of the popular LDS hymn Come, Come, Ye Saints. He wrote it in response to news that his wife had given birth to a son. She was still in Nauvoo, Illinois, and he was somewhere west of that- travelling. Very interesting account.

The nook has recently added some features. And they are awesome. You should check out all it has to offer. Seriously. Link here. And then you should get one so we can share books!

And then we could write nook reports back and forth. Doesn't that sound fun? I know.

Plus, today I was reminiscing about middle daughter, way back to when she was 4 years old (she is newly-turned 6). When she was 4, we could tell her any word and she would come up with a word to rhyme with the given word. The best part was that she always started the rhyming word with the letter H. For example, if you would say start, she would answer with heart, and so on. We liked to give her words like bell and fussy and bore and chirpy. It was really 6th-grade-boy of us, but you know, that's how we displayed all our rebellion. Please don't think less of us. Too much.

The End.


Cynthia said...

You always make me laugh. The nook sounds cool.

uniquelynat said...

well first of all- i love the rating thing you added to your posts...that in itself gave you a rating of funny. but also i think dracula would be interesting to read. i read a book once that knew nothing about an liked it a lot. the portrait of dorian grey. but it was not on the nook. so i guess it doesn't count.

Nathan said...

I read that one too. It really was pretty good, and it's nice to read one of the originals from which came all the hype.