Tuesday, November 15, 2011

feathers down the back

i've kinda been cracking up for the last 24 hours. little son informed me that he wants an indian head dress for christmas from santa. to anyone who knows him, that should bring a smile to your face.

THAT IS SO LITTLE SON!! he is the master of disguise. the duke of dress up. the captain of costume. the keeper of my mother-of-little-son heart.

while we were in utah this past summer, little son kept begging me to sew him some indian pants, specifically with fringe running down the side, to go with the indian style shirt that his sweet grandma gave to him while we were there. i kept telling him that once we got back to arizona, i would sew those pants. and i did. and he wears them. all the time. and the pants also double as cowboy pants. so, win win.

now he knows that he needs a proper head dress to complete the ensemble. and so, i have been researching indian head dresses-- just in case santa might need a little help. little son made sure that i know that he wants the head dress with ALL the feathers. all of them. down the back.

have you ever purchased an indian head dress? well, i have not. but i have found that there are some out there. and the prices vary. and the styles vary. i am wondering if one size does truly fit all. like, does one size fit all adults? or all people- adults and children included? and is orange better than blue? just a couple questions on my mind today.

i am most thankful for the internet. because if not for al gore and his wonderful invention, i don't even know where i would go to get one- with feathers down the back. party city? do they have legit head dresses there?

just last month, my sweet sister agreed to take little son on a special photo shoot. we gathered up all his costumes and went out to the desert and took a million photos of him in all his get-ups. because, I HAVE TO REMEMBER THIS!! the boy is in multiple outfits everyday. and his imagination runs wild. and he creates accessories out of ordinary household items to go with all his outfits. i must admit: i truly love it. and i never want him to grow up.

and so we captured all these costumes on film. no, on digital.

but, now i'm afraid we'll have to make another trip out to the desert. because we gotta have a picture of that cute little indian chief once he has his head dress. with the feathers down the back.


uniquelynat said...

:D i especially liked, when you were last at my house, when he emerged from the bedroom wearing the easter bucket as a hat. he has a fabulous imagination!

Ruth P said...

I love it! Not only is he creative, but he is such a kind, sweet boy. Why do they have to grow up so fast!?

Heidi said...

so. dang. cute!

Sandi and Curtis said...

Please post photo with head dress!!!